Just Love them•••

Trauma can impact our mental health and can also cause changes in our behavior. Trauma can lead to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, obsessions and compulsions, PTSD, etc. The image above is the difference between a normal brain and the brain of someone with PTSD from a severe trauma experience. Imagine having a family member withContinue reading “Just Love them•••”

A Little Light🔆

“A lot of people are suffering in silence and not doing well right now•••• Try to move in the most loving awareness” Be mindful of the meaning of this Holy Week, it’s isn’t so that you can eat and be merry only, but also to look around you; showing love to the unloved, even toContinue reading “A Little Light🔆”

See me• Help me• Save me

 Most of the patients I work with, both young and old, have attempted suicide in one way or another. The public consensus attributes suicide as an act of cowardice, a trait wherein excessive fear prevents an individual from taking a risk or facing danger. By this comparism, it is believed that the individual couldContinue reading “See me• Help me• Save me”