Depression is Real•••

Let’s talk about how hard it is to get up from bed because you feel so numb with your thoughts. Thoughts that make you think you’re not good enough••• Let’s talk about how you don’t feel like eating, and all you want to do is to just lay in your bed and give in toContinue reading “Depression is Real•••”

—We can’t be filled with love for others and not for ourselves ~卂

If one has enough love to care, protect and save others’ lives from harm, the assumption is that such a person can save his/herself from sinking or from danger in life. Unfortunately, this is not always true; most people who show great empathy for others’ well-being are poor at extending this quality to themselves, especiallyContinue reading “—We can’t be filled with love for others and not for ourselves ~卂”

See me• Help me• Save me

 Most of the patients I work with, both young and old, have attempted suicide in one way or another. The public consensus attributes suicide as an act of cowardice, a trait wherein excessive fear prevents an individual from taking a risk or facing danger. By this comparism, it is believed that the individual couldContinue reading “See me• Help me• Save me”

Seeing the Bigger Picture when Expecting•••

 I like having an in-depth conversation with people; it makes my soul happy! Anyway, I had a conversation with a colleague about the woman’s body and the changes we go through and the whatnot. We talked about motherhood, experiencing childbirth, and the female reproductive system. Scientifically, the older a woman gets, the challenging itContinue reading “Seeing the Bigger Picture when Expecting•••”

—The True Meaning of a Family~

 I recently traveled back home to Ghana with my siblings for our mother’s funeral, and as soon as we returned to the States, we alerted this godly woman next to me of our arrival. She was filled with excitement on the phone and told us she’s preparing food for us, so we shouldn’t worryContinue reading “—The True Meaning of a Family~”

~The Cost of Being Different

Being different or wanting something other than the norms is can be costly… You are seen as the odd one; you are weird because you want something different. You have to explain yourself for being different because that’s not what is expected of you. The unfortunate part is, most people don’t see the struggle ofContinue reading “~The Cost of Being Different”

~Why do Christians Grief?!

In my grievance, I found myself asking, “why believers grieve”? We have an assurance that someday we will be reunited with our loved ones who have passed away, well, supposing they shared the same faith with us— Yet we fall apart when a loved one passes away. We feel betrayed, disappointed, lonely, guilty, etc.… isContinue reading “~Why do Christians Grief?!”

A page from my diary•••

2020 has been gruesome; it has been bloody, unkind, and unfair; it is a year that has shined a light into the cruelty in humans, as well as their vulnerability.  “It is not a year that has come to cure the darkness around us or in us; instead, it has come to remind some ofContinue reading “A page from my diary•••”