”If you can be anything, be Kind”—

During my clinical hours, I met a patient who made me love what I do and why I chose my career field. My supervisor and I were talking to a patient, and she looked down at my feet & said: “I like your shoes, by the way, it’s one of a kind.” I said thank you to her (p.s: my shoe/sandals is a comfortable fit, but I won’t say it’s pretty sandals ).

We continued to talk, and she said again, “Life is too hard; what I don’t understand is why it’s easy for some people and so hard for others.” she made this statement looking at me (P.s: She’s a young lady with mental illness). Looking at me, she probably thought life was easy for me. I felt sad, and after the meeting, I went back to my office and broke down.

Her statement made me realize how lucky I am; even though I may be experiencing some discomfort in my life, it is not as difficult as what she is experiencing. Perhaps she realized she may never recover from her diagnosis because there’s no cure for her.

Every day, my prayers and hope are that I’ll make a difference in the lives of the people I work with, especially my clients, in every little way that I can.
Life is difficult, but for some people, it is more challenging; the least you can do is be KIND

Remember, also, that this month marks the beginning of the holiday season, and holidays can be challenging moments for some people; be kinder—pay attention to your surroundings—be a little tolerable if you don’t understand why someone’s behaving in a particular way—be more loving, offer help if you can—tread gently~


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Someone with a kind soul

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