Hey, warrior! Yes, I’m talking to you, reading this message… So a couple of months ago, I doubted myself a bit because I didn’t get chosen for something that I had prayed for, for a while (scratch that, someone said I shouldn’t say “prayed” but instead say praying for since the prayer hasn’t been answered…kinda makes sense)…Anyway, so I didn’t get chosen. I honestly thought something is wrong with me, or maybe I don’t deserve to be selected…My anxiety set in, and I started overthinking this whole situation and every decision I have made in my life…I felt sorry for myself…

But after some encouragement from some great friends I have, I started to believe in myself again…that there’s more to life than not being chosen…Life goes on…I said to myself, screw not being chosen, I AM ANNA. I don’t give up— So instead of having a mindset of “I’ve stopped praying because I prayed for it and I didn’t get it,”…I change my attitude to “I will continue to pray for it until I have it, and I will continue to pray to maintain it”…I also added another twist to my prayer, I asked God to give me peace in my heart and mind so that I will be at peace with myself while waiting for an answer (p.s: this wasn’t just an “our father prayer,” sometimes you got to get on your knees and have a serious conversation with God…that’s the kind of prayer I’m talking about).

Maybe you were expecting to be chosen, or you have been praying for something, and when the time came, you didn’t get selected…It doesn’t mean you’re not worth it, or something is wrong with you…YOU ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL AND WORTHY OF EVERYTHING GOOD! Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t; even if it doesn’t happen, there’s more to life than feeling sorry for yourself…It is hard to hear and hard to do, but find a suitable space to be happy regardless of what you have or don’t have…and don’t give up praying for the things you don’t have…most importantly, pray to be at peace with yourself regardless…

Until then, I’ll stay peaceful in my heart and mind and continue to pray…and do what’s in the picture attached🧘🏾‍♀️


Published by Time with Anna

Someone with a kind soul

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