Aha moment…

Working with children or the youth population hasn’t been one of my favorite jobs. The reason is that I easily get affected by the trauma or whatever struggle they have experienced or are experiencing. I hate to see people, especially someone younger than me, struggles in life for something that they didn’t cause. There have been many times I have cried after listening to a client because I couldn’t bear hearing and seeing a person so young go through so much pain in life.

I had a conversation with a friend about how so many youths are struggling with mental illness. I told him how I mostly get upset with some parents for bringing a child into this world to suffer (Note: I’m referring to the parents who play a part or are the cause of their child’s trauma or mental illness ). Anyway, I said this to my friend, and he replied to me so calmly and so passionately, “no, don’t say that.”… he then continued to say that “every child that is born in this world is destined to be born, and they all have a purpose in this life, and sometimes some people need a background story for their purpose in life.” (p.s: it was one of those aha moments for me)

There is a possibility that some of these children/youth who are struggling with these mental illnesses due to trauma or whatever may be the cause of these struggle, they will overcome these battle. There is hope that things will turn around for these children, and they will become something great in life…and they will have a story to tell …a tale of how they overcame their worse moment in life at a young age…aha moments

P.s: In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, I’ll encourage us all to be mindful, extra kinder, practice/speak hope, spread the awareness of mental health…check on each other, especially the youth and children; sometimes mental illness is not visible, and people with this type of mental illness needs extra love…lookout for signs and symptoms that seems odd or out of the blue from people around you…trust me, it is not easy having your own mind wrestling against you…check out NAMI website for more information about mental health…Be Humane


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