Don’t Fight It•••

Sometimes we try so hard to fight certain things in our lives but the more we fight them, the more we attract them. Something that I have been fighting in my life for so long is empathizing with others. I have always known this quality about myself, and I know how easily my surrounding impacts me. I have tried to understand this trait and why I can’t stop feeling this way for a long time. Sometimes I don’t feel normal because of this attribute; it is not “just a feeling” for me; it is so deep sometimes I find myself pinching myself to destruct to myself.

There are at times I lay on my bed filled with these intense emotions that I can’t make it go away or turn off. Interestingly, of all the careers in the world, I chose one of the careers that require empathy the most. Throughout my education, I’ve kept asking myself why I chose a career field in social work, and I always tell myself maybe this where I am supposed to use my “gift,” so I stopped fighting the gift.

It hasn’t been easy, but I am learning not to be consumed by this gift. Using it to help others makes it worth having it, and what I have learned in life is that sometimes we have to feel uncomfortable to save someone else.

Instead of fighting your gift/talent or being consumed by these rare gifts we sometimes possess, let’s try accepting it and using it to do something good… and let’s try as much as possible to find the healthiest way to control these gifts, so it doesn’t consume us•••

P.s: Music has been my go-to; it helps me have control over my gift.


Published by Time with Anna

Someone with a kind soul

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