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Trauma can impact our mental health and can also cause changes in our behavior. Trauma can lead to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, obsessions and compulsions, PTSD, etc. The image above is the difference between a normal brain and the brain of someone with PTSD from a severe trauma experience.

Imagine having a family member with this abnormal brain or being in a relationship with someone with this brain. Have you wondered what goes on with someone with this brain constantly? Do you think such a person lives a normal life?

Trauma doesn’t go away when we experience it; therapy can help us managed it and organize our thoughts, but it doesn’t eradicate the trauma. Even after treatment, someone who has experienced trauma can show symptoms of the trauma. Trauma survivors can experience Insomnia or nightmares even after treatment; they experience fatigue, get startled easily, edginess or agitation, mood swings, withdrawal from others, difficulty concentrating, self-blam, feeling sad, etc.

When you are in a relationship with someone who has experienced trauma, you should exercise patience with such a person. It possible that someone who has experienced trauma may not want to talk about the trauma until they’re ready to do so, give the person space if you care, and you want the person to be part of your life. It takes time, but love conquers all.


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