A Little Light🔆

“A lot of people are suffering in silence and not doing well right now•••• Try to move in the most loving awareness” Be mindful of the meaning of this Holy Week, it’s isn’t so that you can eat and be merry only, but also to look around you; showing love to the unloved, even to the ones most difficult to love•••look in the eyes of the lonely souls, assuring them that they’re not alone•••giving a home to the homeless, (a home can be a physical home, mental, emotional or a spiritual home)•••understanding the one who’s misunderstood•••tolerating the intolerable•••giving room for others to grow•••For this Holy Week, present yourself as ᒪIᘜᕼT, as ᒪOᐯᗴ, as ᑭᗴᗩcᗴ•••be a Servant of Peace ☮︎︎

P•S: You may be the one who’s unloved, lonely, misunderstood, homeless, etc•••Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself•••you’re loved, you’re an army; a mountain that refuses to be dismantled•••you’re peace, and an endless resource of light 🔆


Published by Time with Anna

Someone with a kind soul

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