Seeing the Bigger Picture when Expecting•••

I like having an in-depth conversation with people; it makes my soul happy!
Anyway, I had a conversation with a colleague about the woman’s body and the changes we go through and the whatnot. We talked about motherhood, experiencing childbirth, and the female reproductive system. Scientifically, the older a woman gets, the challenging it becomes for her to conceive. Side note: Devine Grace can override this.

We talked about the struggle some women go through because of these changes our body experiences and other things that causes infertility among women. Of course, there are treatments, but not everyone has the resources to seek these treatments, and sometimes these treatments do not even work. She asked about my opinion; concerning women who rely on God for the fruit of the womb but are still without a child.

My response: I think it will be wonderful if we all get what we want in life, but that’s not how it is supposed to be. It will be excellent if every woman seeking the fruit of the womb is blessed with this gift. But it isn’t so; sometimes the body changes, treatments fail, and some women rely on Devine intervention; even with that, some do get disappointed with their prayer request. Because most often, our prayers are not necessarily answered the way we want, and the conclusion we draw is that God did not answer our prayers

One thing I have become aware of as a Christian is that often, we fail to heed the answers to our prayers. We do not understand the full meaning of the communication we have with God.

Supposing a woman prays for a child and through prophetic vision, the woman sees herself with child and years comes by and go, the woman does not conceive. Does this mean God hasn’t answered the woman’s prayer? In my opinion, it is a no. The explanation is that we limit ourselves to the answers we expect from God, and we fail to understand what He is communicating to us. What if God is pointing you to the other option? What if He is telling you to adopt a child? There are millions of children in foster care or out there who need a home, children who are longing to belong to a family, but we limit ourselves to only the reply we except God give to us.

We take just a little portion of the direction God shows us, and we come to the conclusion that it over; God has disappointed us. Personal account: A friend once had a prophetic message about me, and the prophecy includes me being married, but those of you who know me knows I am very much single as a Pringle. It doesn’t mean the prophecy has failed or will not happen. With the understanding I have now through my journey with God, I have faith in my ways this prophecy will come to pass— My conclusion is: Don’t limit yourself to your expectations only, have broader understanding for other directions as well•••

Thank you~

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